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Male or Female

This can be a hard decision for some families!! Your pet is going to be a member of your family for many years to come, so you want to get a pet that will fit into your lifestyle. Here is our opinion as breeders and as pet owners who has had both males and females.

Females generally fit in best in homes that are a little more quiet – single people, couples, couples with older children. Once they mature, girls tend to be happy to simply find their bed and “chill”. Females are typically not as social as males and are usually not as tolerant of young children as males are.

Males fit very nicely in homes with active children. They love to be in the thick of the action. Even as boys mature, they like the socialization that active families can provide for them. Males also get along much better in group settings than females. For active families who enjoy lots of walks and exercise and are on the go a lot, a male dog might be your best choice.

What you should know about Cross Breed Dogs!

The popularity of the cross breed dogs is sky-rocketing. They sell very quickly! When buying a cross breed puppy you should understand that the only true cross is when the mom and dad are both full blooded dogs of different breeds. These are called 1st generation cross breeds.

All of our cross breed puppies come from full blooded parents and are 1st generation puppies!!!

These cross breed dogs are growing rapidly in popularity for two reasons:
One is that they are so incredibly adorable!
Second, it has been argued that these dogs have a genetic advantage over pure breed dogs. They can be less susceptible to disease because random breeding rules out the expression of many of the recessive genes which cause some of the problems we see in purebred dogs.